IDS Capital is a single family office dedicated to alternative investments with a bridge toward long-only investments.

Our philosophy and core values are embedded in our company name.

All employees will be expected to conduct themselves with integrity. Any decision made, no matter how small, will be made within a framework of rigorous integrity. Reputation should never be sacrificed for the sake of profit, competitive pressure, or ease.

At the firm level, total independence of judgment has to be applied above all other consideration within the limits defined by each client.

Focus on what individuals can do best inside the defined objectives and missions of the firm, is key to alpha-generation and profitability.

Combining different asset types, investments styles and asset managers enhance the risk/return profile of the client investments while reducing the counterparty risk.

Sound portfolio construction processes are key elements of our approach and geared towards the best equilibrium between clients objectives, market opportunities and risk management guidelines.

IDS Capital is specialised in proving investment solutions to clients within comprehensive investment processes and risk management frameworks.

Respect and Transparency are the foundation of our relationship with all our clients.

In their interaction with one another and with the outside world, all employees are expected to treat people with respect. That means listening to ideas that might not reflect one’s own views and it also means articulating controversial thoughts in a timely and thoughtful manner.

Clients will be entitled to receive the maximum level of transparency including regular investment letters describing their investments, the firm’s view on investment opportunities and profit attribution.

    IDS White Paper - Spring 2016: Investment in a world of low return

    IDS F&F Systematic Trading strategy
    awarded as best investable CTA index at the CTA Intelligence Awards 2015

    IDS F&F Systematic Trading strategy nominated as finalist for the Battle of the Quant Challenge 2015

    IDS F&F Systematic Trading strategy nominated at the HFM Week 2015 performance awards in the Newcomer -CTA category

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